Our Process

In searching for portfolio candidates, Watermark Companies, LLC (Watermark) speaks directly with business owners. We have an open door for business owners to contact us and discuss exit opportunities for today and in the future. We reach out to members of industries we are familiar with and are involved in. We also rely on industry experts and our network of professionals includes investment bankers, commercial bankers, business brokers, accountants, lenders, and attorneys. We enjoy positive and mutually rewarding relationships with intermediaries, and we work hard to be considerate, confidential, and responsive. Our firm is committed to providing immediate responses to calls and correspondence as well as early indications of interest.

When we learn of an opportunity we first speak with management or their advisor to determine the level of interest in selling and to gather some initial information. During this preliminary conversation we like to have a general understanding of the company, the company’s position in the industry, a high level understanding of the financial history and current position as well as other considerations which are important to the seller. After this preliminary conversation, we visit the company to better understand the business from management’s perspective and view operations firsthand. At this point we determine whether the business fits our criteria. We endeavor to offer a preliminary express of interest quickly. If interest exists we submit a letter of intent (LOI).

Once the investment terms are agreed upon by both parties Watermark works diligently to complete its due diligence of the company. Watermark’s evaluation of an acquisition candidate is on a strictly confidential basis and takes into account minimizing the disruption associated with the sales process. We realize the sale of a company is a very personal event and that disruptions and uncertainty can damage moral and momentum within an organization. Watermark is itself an operator of businesses and understands the personnel, cultural and customer issues surrounding uncertain change especially as it relates to a sales transaction. After Watermark has successfully completed its due diligence, the final step is documentation and funding of the transaction.

After the transaction is complete, Watermark works with the existing owner and management team to transition the business with minimal disruptions for customers, employees, and suppliers. We begin our process to determine areas of additional investment in personnel, technology, and equipment. We invest extensively in the future of our acquisitions and realize growth comes from long term commitment, vision and investment. Watermark works to fill voids present or predicted in the management team and members of the investor team actively participate on the Board of Directors or as formal advisors to the company. Watermark has had a history of successfully building companies and making or maintaining their leadership position.

Watermark strives to be the buyer of choice for owners looking to sell their prized creations.